Chapter Board of Directors

Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, (one week prior to regular chapter meetings) at 7:00 PM. Location of meetings vary, so please contact a board member for this month’s location.

FSMTA policies and procedures, bylaws and constitutions can be found at

Nicole Evans, LMT, CPMT
President – ( Email )

Nicole attended massage school at Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in 2010 and immediately received her certification in Pediatric Massage from Liddle Kidz Foundation. She is a long time Venice area resident, as well as a graduate of Venice High School. Before attending massage school, Nicole retired from a law enforcement career serving 12+ years as a 911 dispatcher/supervisor and a command staff administrative assistant. She is a married and has two children, one of which has Cystic Fibrosis.
Nicole specializes in assisting her clients in the restoration of movement and function, healing of injuries, disease management, improving lost range of motion and the joy of simply relaxing. Nicole is a co-owner of Therapeutic Massage of Venice and can be reached by email or 941-484-6503 business or 941-266-5066 cell.

Nancy Avishar, LMT

Treasurer & 1st Vice-President ( Email )

Nancy graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Communication Arts, minors in psychology and education, and an M.A. in Audiology.  She also has a master’s degree in Education of Hearing Impaired from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Her certifications include Speech and Language Impaired, Regular Education K-12, and Educational Leadership.
She earned her LMT from the Venice School of Massage therapy in 1992.  Her vision for FSMTA is to maintain the perception of professionalism for our members in the wider health care community, and to extend that perception to our print documents.  Her hobbies include baking (especially cheesecakes), ballroom dancing (She once taught for Fred Astaire Studios in Chicago.), and reading voraciously.


Linda Endy, LMT

2nd Vice-President ( Email )

Linda moved to North Port, Florida from Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1983.  Her family consists of two children, seven grand children, five great grandchildren, and a beloved chihuahua.
Linda has been a member of FSMTA since 1991, joining as a student attending Venice School of Massage.  She has worked in both chiropractic and physical therapy clinics over a twenty year period.  During the past six years, she has continued to do out-calls.  Linda’s love and devotion of massage and helping clients/patients feel better came about when she worked as a physical therapy aide.  It was then that she went to massage school and found her calling.  She feels so much gratification in helping others!

Nominations Open January of 2018
Treasurer ( Email )

If you would like to be our chapter Treasurer, please join us at our January 2018 meeting and submit your nomination from.  A special elections will be held to fulfill this position’s post till the end of December 2018.

Birgit Franckinstein

Secretary ( Email )

(Bio Coming Soon)




Edwin Hooper II, LMT

Immediate Past President ( Email )

Eddie graduated from the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in 1992 and has been teaching there since 1996.  He instructs classes on  HIV/AIDS,  On  Site Chair Massage,  is one of the Clinic Supervisors, and takes students to the Senior Friendship Center.
He is a member of and has served as the Vice President and Treasurer of The National AIDS Massage Project (NAMP) since 2001. Eddie served the FSMTA Sarasota / Manatee Chapter President for three terms as President.  He continues on with the Conference Planning Committee, the Ethics Committee, and Elections Committee.
Eddie is active in numerous community events in Sarasota.  His client list includes persons affected/infected with the HIV/AIDS virus.  Eddie also served on the Board of Directors of AIDS Manasota, Inc. (AMI) for nearly seven years and was President for two and half years at AMI.   He can be contacted by email and via phone 941-356-7160.